YMCA Swim Club family day

By Craig Gabel

Today was swim club family day at the YMCA. Alex has been swimming on the Y’s Swim club for two months now. He is getting the feel for what a swim team is really like…well sorta. He is getting a very good workout that’s for sure. So family night is where the parent’s and siblings get to swim with the club members. Great! So now I have to show off my fat butt to the entire YMCA. What thrill that will be. Then I thought about it more and more…it’s for the kids and I’d do anything for my kids including anything that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable (like having scorpions attached to my shirt…not a comfortable feeling at all). We ended up having a great time. We swam some relays and played some other water games in the lap pool. It was actually fun. Ash used a kick board and did really well. I also realized that being in the pool with Alex was exactly where I needed to be in order to help him advance his stroke technique. He was doing well for only having two months under his belt but he needed some hands-on work. I knew right then that I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle and get back in the pool for not only for my own health but also to help give my kids the direction they need to be successful swimmers in the future…if that is the sports path they choose of course.

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