Marathon…are you kidding?

By Craig Gabel

Leesa got this postcard in the mail about some marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society a couple weeks ago. She has been pondering whether we should consider it. I told her to check it out. I thought “Maybe she’ll forget about it. No way we’d ever do a marathon! We’re like the farthest thing from runners.” NOT! Fast forward to a week ago…she sends me an email with all the info. I read it over and thought you know this could be a really good thing for us to maybe get motivated and consider doing something like this in the future. I told her to get more info. Fast forward to today…she got more info and signed us up for an information meeting which we attended today. A long story short…we signed up for a half marathon when we walked into the meeting (crazy I know) but then we talked and on our way out the door and something told us we needed to do the full marathon (I know even crazier). So now we are signed up for a full marathon…crazy or not and we are both ready to make some changes in our life style to not only enrichen our lives but more importantly our kids lives. Does she realize a full marathon is 26 miles!!!

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