All is well

By Leesa Gabel

Life is good in the House of Four Gabels.

The summer is winding down. School starts in a few days. Tucson training is going well….could be better if the weather would cooperate. Training in 100+ degree temps is not my cup of tea….I have a basket on my road bike, I’m not hard core.

Craig and I have been spending a lot of our summer weekends at the LIVESTRONG Sporting Park watching some awesome Sporting KC soccer games. But our main reason for spending so much time out there is to help spread the message of LIVESTRONG and to help connect people affect by cancer to the care and support that they need. We’ve met wonderful people, heard amazing and inspiring stories….and have learned a lot about the sport of soccer.

Hopefully Sporting KC will make it to the playoffs so that we can continue spending time out at the park….touching lives, making a difference. If you’re ever out at a game, please stop by the LIVESTRONG tent to say hello and to add to┬áthe Tribute Banner.

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