Is this thing on?

By Leesa Gabel

It’s June 19…..

There has been some life happening in the Gabel house since the last post of February 26. Obviously.

Here are the highlights…..

March: Craig and I traveled to Austin, Texas for the LIVESTRONG Leaders Conference. I did not get to meet Lance in person, but I did get to ask him a question live!! We did meet Doug Ulman! We also met so many awesome and amazingly inspirational people! We left Austin reved up and ready to spread the message of LIVESTONG in the KC area!

April: I was all about Girl Scouts for the month of April…being the Asst. Director for the Johnson County Camptennial. A three-day event celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts…..camping and activites for 1000 area scouts. Fun times!!

May: Craig and I became the parents of a teenager!!! Please continue to pray for us. :) I also celebrated one year in remission!! Cupcakes were involved!!

June: Craig’s third time doing America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe! Also the KS Leukemia Cup Regatta at Perry Lake was a success!! Nearly $10,000 rasied for LLS!!!

I’ll try to fill in the gaps in upcoming posts….


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