Busy Bee and Cancer-free

By Leesa Gabel

I found out that I’m still in remission! 8+ months and counting. I cannot wait for May 9th — it’ll mark one year of being cancer-free!!!

It’s a busy year for me and it’s only January. But that’s ok. I welcome the full calendar of activities. Many of them will be done as a family and all of them are something that I am passionate about. I’m enjoying the fact that I have the energy to do all of this.

I seem to go back and forth between Queen Bee and Worker Bee roles. Right now I’m definitely a busy little worker bee.

I’m planning two major events that will take place during the first half of the year – Johnson County Girl Scout Camptennial and Kansas Leukemia Cup. Right now my focus is the Camptennial which takes place in April, The KS Leukemia Cup isn’t until June. In between there are lots of fun activities — Training for Tahoe begins Feb. 11; in March Craig and I go to Austin, TX to attend a LIVESTRONG conference; in April we’re hosting another edition of BBQ for a Cure; in May we’ll take our son to his first rock concert – Van Halen (ok, this one is purely for fun and not related to scouting or cancer).



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