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By Leesa Gabel

Craig and I have been together almost 25 years (we began dating in high school in November 1986). We practically grew up together…..I have more memories with him than without him. We have experienced many milestones together….thick and thin, ups and downs, good and bad, joyous and sad….you get the picture.

And yet, I continue to surprise him.

For all the time that Craig has known me I have hated spicy foods….especially anything with jalapenos.  But after my last treatment cycle something changed. One day, while out at a T-Bones baseball game I caught sight of a container of nachos with jalapenos on top….it looked so yummy. A few days later I was in the grocery store picking up the ingredients for Taco Tuesday. On a whim I grabbed a jar of jalapenos. That night at dinner my husband watched me load my taco with pepper after pepper, a look of utter amazement and confusion showing on his face. A few weeks later, while dining out I requested extra jalapenos on the side of our nachos….they were fresh, not pickled. I ate them all. I’m now the first to grab the peppers from the Papa John’s pizza box.

I can’t explain this new-found love for spice. I think maybe the chemo had something to do with it, but I don’t know for sure. I do know that I’m enjoying the culinary taste adventures and testing the limits of my spice love.