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Ironman 2012?

By Craig Gabel

It’s hard to believe that just a little over one year ago I conquered my personal ultimate test of mental and physical endurance… Ironman!  The last 12 months have left me somewhat frustrated I guess.  There is a lot going on in the Gabel house these days and my focus on training has dwindled considerably to being almost non-existent.  I think my biggest challenge since Leesa got us off the sofa and out walking our butts off is living healthy.  Sure we walked, ran, biked and swam many, many miles over the 3+ years but the weight loss and general healthy living I think I kinda sorta was hoping for just has not happened.  It’s been a yearlong wake call.  Plus, maybe turning 40 has something to do with it…I dunno. In trying to channel that frustration, Leesa and I have committed to living a healthier lifestyle by utilizing proper nutrition.  Through healthy eating habits the weight loss should happen over time and hopefully see a significant energy boost and the desire to train on a much more regular basis.

In reflecting back on 12 months of blahh… I think it’s time to set a new goal.  I have found that I really need goals…short and long term. You know…something to help guide me and keep me on track.  After Ironman last year, I more or less took an extended break.  The down side is that I was still fueling my body as if I were still training for 1-3 hours (or more) per day.  That does not make the scale a happy camper… nor the mind.  So as a short term goal I am working to drop some pounds by eating healthier by watching calorie, fat and protein intake on a daily basis.  I hope to start training real soon to get my cycling legs moving again in time for the Tahoe kick off just after the first of the year.  Training for Tahoe will be fun as Leesa and I will be riding together once again.  Team WOBO will conquer.  For a long term goal I will use the Tahoe trainging to get my cycling endurance up to the century distance and I will also supplement with some corss training… running and swimming.  More to come on that down the road but I now have some goals… two big events next year… Tahoe and Ironman!



Blogging again!!

By Leesa Gabel

That was one serious hiatus I took from blogging. It’s not that I didn’t like blogging any longer or was at a loss for what to write….it was that what I was writing wasn’t uploading properly. My wonderful IT Technician (Craig) has fixed the issue and I’m ready to get back to blogging!!

More to come….



Back to basics

By Craig Gabel

After a year of chemo therapy for Leesa, surgery for me (with some minor complications) and more or less taking some time off from training, it’s now time to get back at it.  I was reading our “About Us” page this morning and it hit me how far off our original vision we have gotten.  Granted it has been a tough year for us but nothing that will completely stop us in our tracks.  It’s just been slow going.  Turning 40 has been a crappy year health wise for me…it’s just pure coincidence though.  After completing my ultimate endurance achievement of finishing an Ironman almost one year ago, I still find myself searching for the next “big” thing.  That’s where I have gone wrong.  It’s not about having “big” goals all the time.  We can all have big goals but it’s simply about having “a” goal.  So my goal for the remainder of this year is too work on eating better and dropping weight all while getting back to a swim, bike, run routine.  I think Leesa can agree and we will set our goals together as a team….Team WOBO!  What are your goals for the remainder of the year?