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Lost and Found

By Leesa Gabel

I have lost my energy and I have yet to find it back.  I still haven’t found my motivation, but I have a feeling that it and my energy are hanging out together in some warm, sunny tropical location and aren’t in any hurry to return. However, I have found the perfect way to sit on the sofa for maximum comfort. I’m blaming the USA Network for having so many NCIS marathons…..or it could just be that my chemo is doing it’s job.

Speaking of which, I did have good news that my dosage will be cut in half for the remainder of my treatment cycle. That was awesome news!! Of course, I still feel yucky, but it’s to be expected. I know I just need to have patience….am I the only one who just heard Axle Rose start singing just then?

Well….back to my spot on the sofa….NCIS is up next….LOL!!



Day 6

By Leesa Gabel

Ten days have passed….

I’m on Day 6 of chemo. There are good days and bad days. Yesterday was a good day! Today is a stay on the sofa snuggled under a warm blanket day.

Last night was the kickoff for TNT’s summer teams. I love seeing my TNT peeps!  No matter how bad I feel, they can always bring a smile to my face with their kind words and warm, genuine hugs. A Tahoe teammate even made my day from far away (nice rhyme)….she sent me a FB message letting me know that there was a bag of Starbucks coffee beans waiting for me at her former store. Score! Perfect timing too because I just used the last scope of Washington House Blend.

I love all the wonderful people my leukemia has brought into my life!!!



T-minus 5 days…

By Leesa Gabel

Sunday, Feb. 6 is a big day….no, I’m not talking about the NFL and advertisers….I’m talking about me and my CLL.

The trial I did last year didn’t really work. So I’m starting more treatment. Not a trial, a real treatment plan. I had options….wait it out or start now when a lower dosage could be used. I liked the lower dosage option….especially since I have no patience and knowing that I’ll start to feel worse over time would drive me crazy.

It was a hard decision still because it meant that I had to drop from the Tahoe century ride. Craig is still doing it….he’s one of the team’s mentors (the team is so big this year that there are three mentors!!). The kids and I will go as spectators….which will be just as fun because they will get to go to the inspiration dinner!! They’ve not witnessed the awesomeness that is the inspiration dinner!! And yes, we’ll be renting a convertible again….though not a Corvette this time….a Mustang will have to do.

So…I’m preparing for the ick of treatment. On Saturday we’ll go to my all-time favorite dessert place — Smallcakes!! During my treatments last year, I went to Smallcakes to get a cupcake every time I started and ended a cycle. Their tagline – Maybe a cupcake will help? is spot on. A cupcake does help! One of those moist, sweet little cakes always brightened my day. Of course, I don’t really need an excuse to stop in….I’m addicted.

This treatment cycle will last until July. But by starting now, I was able to make treatment fit my schedule (more or less). I take chemo daily for six weeks, then start a 4-month cycle of a lower dosage that is basically two weeks on, two weeks off that repeats for four months. I’ll be off treatment the week before and the week of  Tahoe and finish completely before Craig and Alex leave for scout camp July 4th.

Not sure if I’ll lose my hair again. Honestly, I don’t mind if I do. I rock bald!! Plus….I just can’t seem to find a hairstyle I like, so maybe starting from scratch would be easier.

That’s all I have for now. For anyone wondering why I’m starting on such an odd day…Sunday?  Because it was easier for me to track the weeks. LOL!!