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By Leesa Gabel

Chronic is just a more polite way of saying pain in the ass. Plus, Pain-in-the-ass Lymphocytic Leukemia is really a mouthful to say.




By Leesa Gabel

A resolution is a determination (a resolve) to do something.

I don’t typically make new year resolutions. They’re just too cliche….too expected. But nearly 10 days into 2011 and I realize that I need to make one. Santa didn’t bring me a bag of motivation like I had hoped. Deep down, I knew he wouldn’t because motivation can’t really be given….it needs to come from within you. Everyone has their own personal source of motivation…it’s unique to them.

So my resolution is to find my motivation. And find it fast. Because without motivation, the goals I’ve set out for 2011 won’t be reached. And when it comes to my goals, failure is not an option.