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No news

By Leesa Gabel

It’s said that no news is good news. I guess that’s the case here.

Craig and I have been uber-busy with scouting. Him with Boy Scouts and me with Girl Scouts. We actually spent the past weekend at separate campouts. Our son Alex had his first horseback riding experience and our daughter Ashlee had her first troop camp overnight.

Training is a little slow going. The weather hasn’t been cooperating, but I think (and hope) that’s about to change. Of course the perfect riding weather happens during the week when the mileage is low. This week we drop the 10 and 15 weekday mileage and bump it up to 15 and 20. The weekend mileage increases too — this coming weekend is 55 miles. I’ve already prepared myself mentally…’ll take about 6 hours for me. I might be prepared mentally, but my poor tushy….there’s no way to prepare it. Wearing cushioned bike shorts only helps to a certain point.

A positive….riding 55 miles will burn enough calories to enjoy a few extra marshmallow peeps on Easter!!




By Leesa Gabel

Who wants flapjacks???

Craig and I are having a flapjack (that’s another name for pancake) breakfast at Applebee’s on Saturday, April 24th from 8-10AM. It’s at the Applebee’s in Olathe at 135th & Brougham (by Kohl’s and Hy-Vee). The cost is just $5 per person.

This is a fundraiser for our TNT Lake Tahoe Team — the 100-mile bike ride we’re doing in June around Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

We hope you can make it — send us a note if you’d like more info or to purchase tickets!!



Waiting for warm weather

By Leesa Gabel

Winter is lingering on longer than is necessary or wanted!!

Our 20-mile ride was much too cold! I had on mulitple layers – long-sleeved dri-fit shirt, long-sleeved thin cotton shirt, dri-fit zippered jacket, fleece jacket, plus a winter cap under my helmet,  bike shorts, two pairs of leggings, two pairs of socks and winter cycling gloves…..and I was still cold!!!

I really, really want the weather to warm up, and fast!! Next weekend’s training ride is 40 miles. We’re not even to the half-way point of 100 miles yet. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of riding 100 miles in 1 day.

On a positive note….I LOVE my bike!! Plus my bootie isn’t that sore after riding. Of course my legs have a tendency not to want to work properly after a long ride. Craig has to help me off sometimes or I’ll fall. Which I haven’t done….yet.

All-in-all, switching from marathon to century ride was a great idea!!! I’m looking forward to doing a few more rides this fall. I know the Livestrong Foundation does a Sunflowers to Roses ride — I hope to get that one in. Along with Lizard Under the Skillet and Tour de BBQ. I’m sure I’ll find others to try since I’m definitely liking biking better than running.



First road ride

By Leesa Gabel

On Saturday I had another first… first time riding my new bike on city streets!! Actually, my first time riding on city streets, period.

I was SO nervous about this group training ride. I literally had knots in my stomach the night before. And the morning of I was filled with dread. I couldn’t find the right thing to wear, wasn’t sure if I had on enough layers, wasn’t sure what I should have to eat…all sorts of little details that seemed very big to me at the time.

I had no idea where we were riding, Craig gave me what he could recall from last year’s rides, but he wasn’t sure either. While waiting, I kept hearing about some big hill called Paradox Hill….the talk didn’t make me feel much better. Because I dislike hills!!!

We started off up a hill of course…which I made it up still on my bike, but breathing hard. Then down some hills and onto flat streets. I felt very weird riding next to cars. Luckily it was a two-lane one way street, so Craig and I could ride side-by-side and he could help me test my shifting skills. But then came the stoplights and the big hill. I made it through the stoplights just fine, but I didn’t make it up the big hill. I had to walk my bike. I did get some words of encouragement from a passing driver — he told me ‘good job’ and ‘keep it up’. That was nice!!

So up and down I continued. I had a walk up a few hills, but it wasn’t too bad. I had lots of support along the way. There did come a point when I got a ride with my coach because we were entering an area with steep hills and no shoulder for safe walking should I not be able to make it up. That was a good move because it gave me a chance to see more of the route. Craig kept peddaling — and it didn’t take him long to catch back up to me. We went out to our turnaround — 15 miles from where we started.

I’m happy to report that on the way back to where we started, I only got off my bike once to walk up a hill!!! I also reached my fastest speed ever on a bike — 38mph!!! Of course I was going down a hill, but still. I was excited and scared at the same time as I was concentrating vert hard on not flying over my handlebars.

By the end of the ride I was sore, but I felt SO great!!! I had done it!!! I had ridden successfully on city streets, learned how to use at least 10 of my 27 gears, didn’t get hit by or hit a car and I didn’t fall off my bike!!

After training we ran by the bike shop to get toe clips — my feet kept slipping off the pedals, grabbed lunch for us and the kids, I showered and then I napped!! Man, was I ever sore when I woke up from my nap. But it felt good….I know that’s odd, but I knew that I was sore because I had worked hard.

This weekend we only have a 20-mile ride…..only 20…LOL!! I remember when we were training for the 2009 Disney Marathon and we’d say that it was only a 4-mile training day. I’ve decided that biking is so much better than running — at least for me.



And the silver award goes to….

By Leesa Gabel


Yes, I know the Olympics are over and that I’m not anywhere close to being an Olympic athlete, but today I earned my silver award in the President’s Fitness Challenge!! Everyday I track my activity on the site and its awarded a points value. Boot camp earns me 464 points and biking 15 miles gets me 609 points!! So far I’ve earned 45,068 points (since October 2009) and am not stopping until I reach gold at 80,000 points!!

I highly recommend joining this program — it’s free. You can start off slow with the Active Lifestyle track and once you’re done with that and have developed a more active lifestyle, you can switch to the President’s Champions challenge.

How did I find out about this program? From my awesome boot camp instructor at HealthRidge!! He enrolled me in the program when I first joined the class back in October. It’s an added featture to being a boot camp recruit. Really, there are so many more bonuses to being a recruit than just burning 600 calories in a class.

 Joining HealthRidge has been one of the best decisions Craig and I have made. I never knew being a member at a gym could be so rewarding. HealthRidge is a gym and spa all rolled up into one — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!!