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By Leesa Gabel

Actually, the title should be ‘Lack of Blogging’. Craig posted a while back that most of our blogging takes place on Facebook now. I guess it’s easier. But then it really is just quick, random snippets of our lives – not as in-depth and detailed as this can be.

Not that there’s much of anything going on right now — other than typical things. Both kids are in scouts this year. Alex is finishing up his Webelos year, he’s very close to getting his Arrow of Light and being a super achiever (meaning he’s earned all 20 activity pins). He’ll cross over to Boy Scouts in February. Ashlee is a Daisy Girl Scout — which means cookies!!! I’m a leader for both — although Craig has been doing more for the boys, I’ve stepped back a little.

Craig finished the Redman triathlon. Hopefully he’ll blog about it soon. All I can say is that it’s one event I really have no aspirations to complete. I’ll stick to an Olympic length triathlon as my goal….Craig can have the Ironman lengths.

As for upcoming events. There’s the Jared Coones Pumpkin Run on Oct. 10th and the KC Marathon on Oct. 17. I’m just going to do the 5K at the KC Marathon. I haven’t been training like I should be, like I need to be. But I’m starting to do more, go farther. The weather has been a big encourager. I love being out in the cooler temps. I’ve also been going to the gym more often. Since I’m not working at the moment (trust me, I’m trying to change that ASAP), I’m able to take the morning water aerobics classes. The instructor has a British accent…makes the experience much more pleasurable in my opinion.

Guess that’s about it. My health is good…..that’s a nice change!! Especially since this time last year I was bald!!!




By Craig Gabel

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.  Sorry about that.  Facebook has taken over our posting lives.  It’s been a good couple of months of training for Redman.  I’ve improved my bike times with just about every ride.  My swim is strong, although I need to get to the pool a couple more times this coming week.  My run is…well it’s okay.  I haven’t really gotten in the long miles I would have like to have gotten in.  I think once i get through this weekend I can start to really ramp up the run.  I’d like to do something at the KC Marathon event but I am not sure what I will be prepared for.  Our eyes are now on the Gobbler Grind Half marathon and then Disney half and full.  I am excited to be heading to OKC this Thursday.  I am a little nervous about the race but mostly from a breakdown perspective (as in flat tire or something mechanical with the bike).  I’ve put like 600+ miles on my bike since I got it back in March and I am on the original tubes and tires.  I am not sure how long they are suppose to last and have thoughts of a blow out quite often…not sure why.  Otherwise I think I am pretty well prepared for the Half Iron distance.  I know it will be fun and I am really looking forward to the event and a nice long kid free weekened vacation.



All’s well…maybe

By Leesa Gabel

Life is moving along, although not necessarily as smoothly as I’d like it to.

I’m currently searching for a job. I really hate the job hunt process….especially in today’s market. Ugh.

Craig’s BIG event is next weekend in Oklahoma City. I think he’s ready to get it over with. The training schedule has been tough….it’s hard to fit it in sometimes. But I know he’s going to do great!!

I, on the other hand, need to step up and follow my plan. Surgery crushed my dream of the doing the half at the KC Marathon….now I’m shooting for the Gobbler Grind. I just have no motivation. I’m having a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Not sure why.

Maybe I’m afraid of failing…..