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Lots of activity

By Leesa Gabel

Does anyone else feel like we’re in fast-forward mode? It’s already the end of August….Halloween candy and costumes are showing up in stores…..where has the time gone?

I got my staples out last week and was so surprised to find out that my incision was completely closed. For those that know from my past surgeries, I’ve always had issues with the wound not healing properly and would require antibotics for infection or have a need to pack the wound (trust me, you don’t want to know what that is). But not this time!! I’m still semi-restricted in my physical activity….no lifting, no lifting, no lifting. I tried swimming the other night with the family…..I end up just floating. I went in yesterday to have bloodwork for my six month check up. I’ll keep you posted of the results. I have a good feeling.

Both my kids are back in school. Ashlee is really enjoying kindergarten and Alex says 5th grade is his best grade yet. Two weeks in…..I hope the good feelings lasts to the end of the school year!!

Craig is still training hard for Redman…it’s less than a month away!! I’m looking forward to going to Oklahoma with him for the event. It’d be a fun weekend trip if anyone wants to come join us. I will have about 6-7 hours to kill while Craig’s out doing the event (note to self: get Nicholas Sparks newest book before we leave). When we get back it’ll be my turn to go out on Saturday morning trainings!! I’m really looking forward to that. I miss it. Disney is closer than I’d like to think about right now.

In other Gabel household news… youngest brother welcomed his newest addition to our family!! Evan Robert Garber was born on Saturday. He hit the scales at 8 lbs, 10 oz and a long 22 1/2 in!! Evan brings my family’s total to 15!! We’ve come a long way from just the five of us….thanks to spouses and kids! I might need to start my Christmas shopping now!!



On the Mend

By Leesa Gabel

Before I give an update I have something completely unrelated to say…

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

It’s been a week since my surgery. Still have the 17 staples in to prove it (I’ll spare you the pictures). The pain is subsiding – still very uncomfortable though. After a night of absolutely no sleep in the recliner, I knew it was time to try getting back into my bed. So last night was my second night to sleep in my bed, it was definitely better than the previous night.  I’m still having insomnia issues, but I think (I hope) that will start to diminish as I continue to heal. Although, my lack of sleep is also affecting Craig — in that my mind redecorates the house while I try to fall asleep, which adds to his project list!

I’m anxious to get back to being active. My goal is to slowly increase my activity level over the next 6 weeks. Not so much until the staples are out and definitely on a very slow pace. Since I’ve been through this before, I know my limits and I know what happens if I try to push them.

I’m signed up for the Martini Mile tomorrow. I’m still going — just for the martini and not the mile. Ha!