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Cancer hits us smack in the face

By Craig Gabel

What is it with cancer these days? I remember the days when I knew about cancer but didn’t know anyone with cancer. Those days a quickly drifting off to the sunset. It almost seems I know more people who have had cancer in some form or another than those who haven’t.  It’s crazy when it hits close to your own home.  I guess to look at the bright side having all these people around me that are “cancer pros” has helped me cope with the fact that it will be part of our lives, for the rest of our lives.



Cancer Girl

By Leesa Gabel

This is the day I found out that I have leukemia. I think I took it rather well – what can ya do, really? I had spoken with Craig on the phone and we were both in route to home. I needed a hug. When I pulled in, Craig was talking with our good neighbor, Steve. The conversation centered on how each had had a bad day at the office. I told them that I could top their days….I gave a knowing glance to Craig because he knew what was coming. The words came out before I really realized what I was saying….”I found out today that I have cancer.” Talk about a conversation stopper.